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Dental Services

Albire Profesionala

Professional Whitening

By whitening your teeth you can easily get a bright white smile. There are indeed several whitening methods, and we offer you a process that lasts a short time and is very efficient. The latest generation ultraviolet light lamp helps to completely whiten without affecting the tooth enamel. The duration of the process is about 20 minutes, and the whitening is done in a shade of several, depending on the desire of each patient.

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Cosmetica Dentara

Dental Cosmetics

Dental Aesthetics was born from the desire to have a more beautiful, natural smile, for a long time. A change in this regard can increase our self-confidence, according to a study conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Blue Sky Dental provides you with services such as:

  • whitening treatment
  • ceramic and composite veneers
  • prosthetic restoration of dental porcelain of front teeth destroyed by caries or fractures
  • modern methods of dental cosmetics
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The various ailments of the teeth, from simple caries to the complications that affect the pulp of the teeth, can be remedied with the help of dental treatments and maneuvers.

We can help you with:

  • complex and complete treatment of tooth decay and pain
  • photopolymerizable physiognomic fillings
  • treatment of hypersensitivity
  • the use of bio-materials under the coronary fillings, to preserve the vitality of the tooth
  • root fillings using modern techniques, condensation and non-irritating sealing materials
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Implanturi Dentare

Dental Implants

The dental implant is the most modern and effective solution for missing teeth, looking and feeling like natural teeth. It can provide support for all or part of the teeth. Its lifespan is long, being a reliable dental treatment, which ensures the correct functionality of the teeth and the much desired smile.

The dental implant is an artificial root, a titanium metal body that is inserted into the bone to replace the missing root. It has a thread inside it in which the future dental construction will be screwed.

The titanium metal body helps maintain dental health and can be characterized by aesthetics, permanence and reliability and comfort.

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Periodontal disease is inflammation of the tissues that support the teeth in the bone. Unfortunately, its symptoms are often ignored, leading to tooth loss. The causes can be represented by the aggressive activity of the bacteria contained in straw, tartar, stress or smoking. The classic treatment in periodontitis is the detachment of the gum from the tooth, the thorough cleaning of microbes and tissue, the filling of the empty space with natural or synthetic bone substances, their covering with protein gels that help to restore the ropes. , are ADJUVANTS of surgical treatment. In the absence of surgical treatment, the effect of these vaccines is only temporary.

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Prosthesis is the process by which missing teeth are replaced with others, more precisely with the help of prostheses.

We do not ignore the importance of these improvements, so we provide:

  • protein works (crowns, dental bridges) from noble, semi-noble materials, dental ceramics
  • mobile or mobilizable prostheses
  • classic skeletal prostheses or with special systems
  • ceramic or composite veneers
  • implant work
  • occlusal balancing treatment
  • inlays of noble materials or ceramics.
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Dental radiologies are needed to be able to establish the correct dental diagnosis. Blue Sky Dental considered it necessary to equip it with dental radiology devices, in order to complete the medical act.

Radiology services offered:

  • interoral radiographs
  • extraoral radiographs
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